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Credable – UK born Ghanain, creator of the Release D Riddim Sound and Brand is one half of the International Vibes Machine out of the UK (with Mr Hardwine MC) a cross genre DJ Specialising in Soca Music. He started DJing just over 10 years ago after he created the hugely popular Release D Riddim – […]


Lover of all types of music, particularly old school (80’s & 90’s) and creator of the brand  ‘I’m Old School Like……..’ (I.O.S.L) Mr Deezel started dj’ing & producing music in 1992 & hasn’t looked back since! Playing a variety of genres, this multi-skilled Dj has been playing to and impressing audiences in the UK & […]


KAT BIOGRAPHY Kat is quick, quirky and an all-round entertainer with enormous appeal up and down the country. On the comedy circuit.  Well known for his antics on MTV Base where he has presented numerous shows including a show about Trinidad Carnival, Kat In Ghana, Jamaica,          “The Lick” (with Trevor Nelson) “Select” Request Show    As well as being an experienced presenter, also an […]

Dave B

Dave B established in 1994 and with over 20 years’ experience, he consistently provides the ultimate party experience. DJ Dave B understands what it takes to create a memorable party atmosphere and knows how to seamlessly blend genres to cater to all music tastes. Dave B has a reputable track record and has hosted at […]

Mr Cee Talk Show

Yagga Guv Mr Cee – Tuesday & Thursday 7am-10am The Mellow MwahNing Snooze 7am-8am – Mellow Soul Tunes To Gently Awaken Your Soul With A Pinch Of Gospel. 8am-9am – Soulful Jams To Raise Your Energy. 9am-10am – Bringing Back The Love – Classic Soul & Ballads.