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DJ TW is a devoted music collector and DJ, with an exemplary reputation, extensive music library and decades of experience. DJ TW is more than a DJ/radio presenter he loves & appreciates all genres however he specializes in Soul,Rare Groove and Reggae.

Dave B

Dave B established in 1994 and with over 20 years’ experience, he consistently provides the ultimate party experience. DJ Dave B understands what it takes to create a memorable party atmosphere and knows how to seamlessly blend genres to cater to all music tastes. Dave B has a reputable track record and has hosted at […]

Mr Cee Talk Show

Yagga Guv Mr Cee – Tuesday & Thursday 7am-10am The Mellow MwahNing Snooze 7am-8am – Mellow Soul Tunes To Gently Awaken Your Soul With A Pinch Of Gospel. 8am-9am – Soulful Jams To Raise Your Energy. 9am-10am – Bringing Back The Love – Classic Soul & Ballads.


Dj Davinci catch me on the Monday Night Special from 8pm to 11pm each and every Monday. Playing a mix and blend show of soul & reggae from different era’s, as well as a slice of pop and other unexpected genres thrown in. 3 hours of great music and fun, interacting with the listeners on […]